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Hexa with Hobbywing X8 motors

i am building a hexacopter with
1.) hobbywing x8 motors
2.) flight controller pixhawk PX5
3.) battery 12s 22Ah
4.) wheel base of around 1800mm
5.) estimated weight around 17kg without payload

i am looking if anyone has already tuned this type so i can ge

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Im working on a autonomous drones and im using JETSON NANO and flight controller PIXHAWK .Im able to control my drone by giving rc commands on the MAVLINK terminal itself by connecting it with PIXHAWK but now i want a python code from which i can

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Flashing in Pixhawk

Hi everyone,

Recently I've got my first pixhawk CUAV v5+. I'm amazed to see one thing that through one USB port only we can flash code and read the logging data. To understand how is it working I started looking schematic but didn't understand anythin

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Drone project

HI all, 

We are a group of 3 students for Mechatronic Engineering.

We are now working on a final year project.

our project is an amphibious drone that will be able to fly and also to enter the water and sailing.

the drone will contain a PIXHAK flight con

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Obstacle avoidance

Good day all

I completed my second drone a week or two ago and I thought it was finished !!!  Hehe ... !!

a Few days ago I decided to add obstacle avoidance on and I found some information about that.

Enough to get me going. 

What I was wondering ..... i

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Good day all

As you may have seen on other discussions, I have completed phase-II of my second drone.

Just to recap my setup:

F450 frame
2312 motors
Bl-Heli32 (40A) ESC
9450S props
RXSR Frsky receiver
Pixhawk 2.4.8 ( running APM copter V3.5.5 )

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Prioriy levels for flightmodes

Good day all

I am busy building my second drone :



2312 motors

9450 propellers


RXSR receiver

I have done a successful maiden flight, but I would like to test some of the autonomous

flight modes as I have programmed into the pixhawk. I am

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RTL function on pixhawk

Good day all

Busy buidling my 2nd drone.

Using a pixhawk and would like to get clarity on the RTL function.

I have seen many videos on the RTL function so I know what the drone does.

My question is about the activation of the RTl mode. If I program chann

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