MAVLink to ROS generator

Hi all,

I would like to announce a new python script to Generate ROS messages/topics/node/package from a mavlink message definition file.

This python packages enable us to control a Robot /UAV using Mavlink protocol from a ROS environment.

Please give it a try and give me some feedback.

Here is the link:



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  • Hi,

    Now it's available the ROS driver for ardupilotmega

    Please give some feedback



    ROS packages to connect to ardupilotmega using mavlink protocol - posilva/ardupilotmega-ros
  • What is the difference between this and roscopter?

    • Hi,

      from my point of view this are the main differences:

      1. This is a full mavlink protocol generator, not partial (6 messages) interface

      2. This is generator for  c++ roslient  api, not python (in the future we can generate to python and java)

      3. This is an automation tool

      4. This aims to be  an autopilot mavlink compliant abstraction driver for ROS

      5. This could be used to create a custom protocol for robots using mavlink generator and transport mechanism

      I hope this could be  helpfull to roboticists,



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