Skywalker X5 seems to be a popular frame used by a number of people, so this groups is created to pool the info on building and tuning your own X5 with APM on board.

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    A couple of these coming my way so best join in here.

  • Thought i'd post a video of my maiden flight.. worked well!

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Motors and props for X5

Hello,After some reading that overpowered X5 are difficult to manage, I decided to put there 200W, 1300kV motor and 7x4,5 folding prop.But it doesn't want to rise at launch... I've tried wing (frisbie like) launch and also took the risk to overhead throw (no problems for hand with this prop).1. Is this setup enough ? What motors and props do you use ?2. Is it really possible to launch it without bungee or wind ?Regards, Pawel

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Mods to X-5

After flying the X-5 in manual mode I came to the conclusion it didn't have enough weathercock stability so I have added a small amount of fin area above the motor mount as seen below. I also drilled a hole through the foam in that area to provide a bit more cooling air for my motor as it was running hot in the weather we've had last month.I have also included a photo showing where the pitot probe comes out of the nose. Note that it is angle down slightly for a reason - when a wing or any other…

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