APM Planner and SOLO


Has anyone started using APM Planner with their SOLO for mission planning?

If you have, would you please share with me how I can make the connection. Do I have to dismantle my SOLO to get to the Autopilot or can it be done via the SOLO's wireless system?

Many thanks.

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  • Developer

    APM Planner 2.0 works with Solo as it works with any other Ardupilot based product (Rover/Plane/Copter/Boat)

    see http://ardupilot.com/downloads/?category=35

    and beta releases with Copter 3.3 support http://firmware.diydrones.com/Tools/APMPlanner/beta/

  • You might consider an Android tablet unless at some point they do come out with a version of Tower for IOS. If you want the very intricate details, control parameters and statistics then Mission Planner is your app.

    Tower is very nice because it is very simple. I can take my flight logs and load them up into Mission Planner if I want to see all the details. It is also useful for sending your logs to Droneshare.

    Happy flying!


  • 3D Robotics

    We supplied APM Planner specifically for Mac users to have autonomous flight planning. It works great with Solo (I use it every day). Just connect to Solo via your Mac's wifi and APM Planner will automatically detect it and connect over UDP. 

    • I use Mission Planner on a Mac using VMWare Fusion and Windows 7 or 8.1. Is it possible to connect through this as well? What settings would need to be used for the network part of VMWare Fusion.

    • Chris:

      APM Planner is great! However, I would like to know if it is possible for me to activate individual motors on the Solo (without prop) so that I can do Motor Balancing?  I'm trying to replicate this with APM (I have a MAC hence I can't use Mission Planner).




    • I'm assuming APM Planner offers the same tools as Mission Planner....Once connected to Solo, try the following.

      Initial Setup >> Optional Hardware >> Motor Test

      Hope that is the answer....

    • Maybe I am doing something wrong, but it seems that APM planner does connect initially but then after about 10 seconds the telemetry fails and the HUD display in the Flight Data section does not reflect Solo orientation. Also in the Flight Plan section there is a Red section in the left side of the display that also seems to indicate lack of connectivity. But the sections for port and speed in the upper right say that things are connected and the Connect plug symbols show connected as well. I have my main ethernet connection enabled as well as the Sololink wireless connection at the same time. Could that be an issue? Running APM 2.0.18. Do I need to achieve GPS lock? I can't do that in the office where I am running my Mac. Perhaps I need to bring everything outside and try it there.

  • I just tried connecting APM Planner 2 on a Mac to the Solo and I couldn't get it to work.  I looked into it briefly and I don't know that it is currently possible.  To me, it looks like it will only connect over MavLink.  My guess is the programmers need to add new code to allow it to connect over UDP, like the Tower app does.  

  • From what I've read, most people wound up using the Tower app. I've tested this myself by simply changing the connection type from USB to UDP.
  • Its fairly straight forward. Ill do a step by step for you in the morning if you need it. But basically you just need to connect your device to the solos wifi and instead of connecting via a port, you connect using udp. Tower and mission planner both work well. Just note that by using these mission control programs and changing settings will violate your warranty if you crash.

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