Extend life of Solo's temporary shipping case?

I've been staring at the Solo case thinking of ways to make it last longer. Possibilities:

  1. Covering with polyurethane (foam brush or spray) ($)
  2. Spray painting ($)
  3. Covering with two-part epoxy ($$)
  4. StyroCoat ($$) (link)
  5. Plasti Dip spray ($) (link)
  6. (insert any other water-resistant, semi-flexible coating here)

Any brighter ideas before I try one of these? Votes for one of these options?


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  • I already fiberglassed mine.  Turned out pretty well.  Maybe not super pretty, but it is MUCH more durable.  I don't think I can stand on it, but it will stand up to just routine handling very nicely.  I think I will throw some spray paint on it and that this will make it pretty again.  It is a very decent case...I think if you take care of making the outside durable, the inside will stay intact nicely...and I don't think you will find a nicer (or smaller footprint) case anywhere.  I think it will meet any airline carry-on size requirements.

  • Developer

    I'm sure there's a plan to make a backpack although I don't see it in the store yet.

  • fiberglass and expoxy

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