• There is also a "see-thru" goggle from epson.  Its good because you can still see the world, including your Solo, but you also get a heads up display.  Its bad because it runs through a mini android device that can be a hassle to use (have to side load tower or Solo app).  Anyway, it looks like a new model has just been announced.

  • The Fatshark Dominator v3 and DominatorHD v2 work well, you just need to use a different hdmi cable than what comes with them. The Zeiss Cinemizer OLED is good too. its discontinued now, but you can still buy them from some stores. And for the price you can beat the Headplay. I'm just not a fan of the aesthetics.

    i use the DomHD v2.

    • How do they work with wearing glasses?

    • the fatsharks won't work with glasses. they do have optional diopter lens inserts: -2, -4, -6 dpt that will correct for nearsightedness. the diopter inserts work for me or i'll just wear contacts.

      if you need to wear glasses then something like the headplay is much better because there is room for glasses,. the headplay also has diopters and some add'l adjustment for vision.

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