By now we have 2 hours of flight testing, including all the autonomous modes in the Solo app -- Selfie, Orbit, Cable, Follow. All modes worked flawlessly, as did auto takeoff, auto land, RTH.

We have done some preliminary tests with the survey capability in Tower, and talked today to Judd Ladd about the service he offers providing either 3D or 2D maps and models produced from a series of still shots taken from the GoPro carried in the stock rigid mount provided with the Solo. He uses Pix4D. He gave us specs to follow on our next survey test at the practice field.

We need to know how to provide Judd the GPS metadata he needs in order to accurately stitch together our images. That data was not in the properties of the stills saved on the SD card on the GoPro. We had used the GoPro timed shot capability to set the shutter trigger time. Judd suggested the Pixhawk might be capable of triggering the GoPro and saving GPS position data with each shutter trigger event.

Ideas on this would be appreciated.

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  • Guys, 

    This is what I was planning on doing with mission planner. I have seen some discussion that mission planner will pull the logs. I believe this video below discusses how it is done in PIX4d. 


  • I would also like the GoPro to be triggered by distance. 

  • If you can pull the .log out of the Pixhawk 2 (still have not read if this works the same as Pixhawk) then there are solutions such as swift tag (

    I was hoping with GoPro triggering this was going to be taken care of with Solo. Hopefully it will be easier now to eliminate this post step.

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