I received my Solo the other day.  Something I believe went wrong during the first time upgrade.

My controller now shows the version on the controller as 1.0.5 and nothing on the Solo itself?

Now it just sits for ever showing "Waiting for Solo" when I try and turn it on.

Any suggestions?

I think I may need to try a Factory reset but the instructions say it can harm  the quad and you need to contract 3DR first?

Wrote but they said it would be a couple of days.  Will they void your warranty for a Reset?

Anybody else have this issue? 

Thanks for any suggestions help in advance.

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  • I contacted 3dr and they said go ahead an do a factory reset. Because of the warning on the factory reset I contacted them first.

    I think the instructions on the reset could be better. After the reset you also need to rebind the controler to Solo.
  • how did you get this resolved?

  • have you tried power cycling just the solo? or reinstalling the solo app? performing a factory reset will not void your warranty as its a procedure listed in the manual. if all else fails i would try that.

  • Oh I did look under the hood at the electronics.  The GPS cables and they are plugged in okay

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