Is there a Solo vs Inspire 1 comparison?

I have searched YouTube and Google, but have not found a good detailed comparison of the Solo vs Inspire 1. We know they both fly, they both take pictures. What I want to know is the software side, more important the features.I know the Solo has Orbit, Cable Cam, Follow me, Selfie, and Fly. What does the Inspire 1 have to offer? I also know the Inspire 1 has a camera and video trigger right on the remote (which is cool). The Solo you have to swipe between both options on the tablet.I'm leaning towards the Solo as it is almoat 1/3 the cost of the Inspire 1. Just want to make sure I buy the right one.

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  • Well I plan on getting the Solo, that is when the gimbal is officially released. I will have 90 days tp fly it and return if needed.
    • 90 days? 

      How about 30 days.

    • Sorry read it wrong, it's 45day return for BestBuy Elite Plus members.
    • does bestbuy charge a restocking fee?

    • Never has for me of it does.

      Have returned many things, all I get is an "Ok, your total will be added back to your card ".
  • i haven't seen any comparison but as someone who has flown both, i will tell you what i know.

    the dji app is amazing. kudos to dji on that. it has every feature you can think of and is very well laid out. solo's app is very basic in comparison. its still v1 so it will get better.

    smart shots...solo's smart shots work today, even without the gimbal. and more will be added in the future. the inspire1 has a beta firmware which will provide something similar to follow me and orbit and some other creative modes that 3rd party devs have come up with. but these are still TBD both by 3rd party devs and by DJI (beta). one of the main differences is that solo uses its onboard cpu to calculate the movements required for smart shots. this allows solo to perform moves that the inspire1 just won't be able to do. with DJI's implementation, it's the mobile device's responsibility as there isn't a dedicated cpu on-board.

    and then there is fully autonomous flight (take off, mission, land). when you add tower or mission planner to the mix. solo becomes a true UAV. it can perform waypoint missions, surveys, structure scans and much more. the inspire1 is capable of all of this as well with the dji sdk, but as of right now, this kind of autonomous functionality doesn't exist (except for the waypoint beta testing going on).

    The solo controller has gimbal and camera control. the angle lever is used to control pitch, but can also be pressed in to control the shutter. i imagine the other controls will have dual use as well.

    • What you says is true except the the smart shots only half work as the gimbal does not tilt and the footage from the Solo is totally unusable without the gimbal. So no real value to smart shots.  The ease in and out that Colin talks about does not work either. You do a cable came and it slams to stop at the end after jerking during start.

      So in theory, you are correct if it all happens.  I am skeptical.

  • Look at the phantom 3 pro or advanced. Dji is coming out with a firmware upgrade soon to do the follow me, selfie, cable cam and all those cutsie camera moves. The phantom 3 has all the same features as the inspire except for the retractable legs. the video range way surpasses the solo using lightbridge technology. Sonar assist to help fly indoors when gps wont work. Solo dosnt have that. It comes with a gimble and camera..solo dosnt have that..yet..why wait. And Im sorry solonians out there, I have flown the solo and it doesnt hold gps as well as a phantom or inspire. I own both, LOVE the inspire! Most stable platform I have EVER flown. flew the p3 pro last nite and was very impressed with the stability. P3p and inspire locks in on more satalites using the glonass system. I locked on 18 sats last nite with the phantom..solo dosnt utilize glonass and struggles most of the time achieving sats. I know mine did. And now all the Solonians will chime in and say the p3 air frame cracks and yes it does it the screws are too tight...and they will bring up fly aways. Well flyaways happen to not only solos , phantoms and inspires, but to all of them! Most the time its peeps calibrating incorrectly or not calibrating at all. 

    And then the subject of customer service, they all suck. 3dr has been focusing all their resources in the solo and trying to make it work. DJI sucks too..6 to 8 weeks to get your ship fixed. May change with the rumor DJI added people and bought a new facility. All I know right now the best flying ships I have are the inspire and Phantom 3 pro. 30 flights no problems! Dji just came out with another Phantom..its called Phantom 3 standard. 700.00 WITH a gimble and camera. So there you have it my opinion, and Im sure the Solonians will chime in and rip me apart which is fine..I would be frustrated too if I owned a solo or any 3dr product.  Good luck with what ever you choose.

    • I'm pretty happy with my Solo fan boy!!!

    • If there are any solo pilots in the Denver surround area with a Solo, I would love to do a side by side comparison with it , the inspire and my phantom 3 pro. May just buy one for a 30 day trial....maybe a 3dr rep would be willing to send me one just for a trial.

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