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So I just purchased the Solo with Solo 3Axis Gimbal, and I have a few questions.1. How do I switch between Video then Photos?2. How do I view my captured shots?3. How do I get into my GoPro camera settings via the app?I have set it up, and updated the firmware. Does the solo actually have to be flying to switch between camera and stills? Also does it have to be flying to adjust the gopro settings on the fly? I just have not took it outside, as I just got everything done.I am using Android.I tried looking it up on 3DR but they don't have much at all. Also where is the Solo Simulator?ThanksNick

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  • I am a big fan and long time user of 3DR products, but I have to say they have 'done us wrong' with advertising GoPro remote functionality and NOT delivering it.

    I have been searching these forums, emailed 3DR support (no reply), and have found that you can only start and stop recording with the hidden button under the gimbal tilt control, and thats it.

    3DR clearly show the ability to change frame rates, resolution, and other GoPro settings remotely in their sales hype.

    Very disappointing 3DR. I thought honesty was one of your virtues but it appears not.

  • I can't even get in to the photo mode, all it is doing is letting me start and stop recording.
    • Will that "camera roll" work with still images? Also does it juat save what is streamed, or will it save the raw video in 720? Can I send the images to the apple tablet? I am a big Android user, do you know of an Android app that will do the same? Then I can try it out on the phone.
    • Ok, was a little upset yesterday about the features not being there. I really love the Solo's flight featutes, and "could" wait for the mode switching to be updated. I was wondering can I turn on the Wi-Fi on the gopro and be ok flying the solo? That way I can just connect to the gopro Wi-Fi and download the images to the phone without having to remove the GoPro. If not I can always inset the micro sd into the tablet for viewing that way. Just a little upset, I'm using this for aerial photography really need to view my work as I take the shots, so I know right then and there if the images are not blurry or the right angle. You know if 3DR is even planning on releasing a viewing feature?

      Thanks for the info.
    • Solo uses wifi so you shouldn't turn the GoPro wifi on because it can cause interference. just remove the GoPro and enable GoPro wifi and use the GoPro app for viewing or take the sd card out. You can also enable save to camera roll if you are on an apple device and a 720 copy of your videos will be on your mobile device.

      as far as viewing pics and video in the solo app, technically it's possible. But I have never heard 3dr talking about a feature like that. I imagine that it would take some work and this is if GoPro is exposing the functionality to make it happen.
    • What the crap, 3DR makes all these claims, yet does not deliver at all. I have 15days to return this, and just might end up doing just that.
    • Sounds like that might be the best choice for you.

    • The app won't let you switch modes yet. To switch modes, you'll need to use the button on the GoPro.
  • The functionality to fully control the GoPro, switch modes and settings aren't in the solo app yet. Updates in October (maybe october 3d) and November add this functionality. Today, all you can do is start and stop video in video mode or take a picture in photo mode. You'll need to use the gopro mode button to switch modes until the app lets you.

    As far as viewing captured shots, you'll need to take sad card out of the GoPro or connect the GoPro to your computer. Same as if you were using the GoPro by itself. You can't view recorded footage in the solo app, only the live view.

    The simulator is m.i.a. I haven't heard anything about when it will be released.
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