I've posted an instructional video showing how to troubleshoot a 3DR Solo with a burnt out motor, remove the engine pod, and replace it with a new one.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZUivv2nJ6E or search YouTube for "solo engine troubleshooting".

This is the first video for my new video channel dedicated to drone videography.

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  • Who in the U.S. repairs SOLO motor pods?  I have been looking high and low but can only find sites about replacing motor pods not repairing .

  • While I still don't know how much they will cost - I did discover that 3DR recommends replacing the motor pods every 150 hours of flight time (possibly sooner depending on your environmental conditions), so as a maintenance cost you should plan on the price x 4.

    • That is found in the manual?

      That is most likely for my applications 500+ flights. I guess we wait for pricing to decide if that is reasonable or not.

    • Yes.  The first paragraph of section 9.6 in the version that I have (V3_6_24).

      It states "Replace motor pods every 150 hours of flight or when they can no longer turn smoothly."

  • Cool! Any idea how much pods are??

    • Not yet.  Unfortunately they are un-obtain-ium.  I am still awaiting info from customer service, but I can update when I get the word.

  • nice.

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