No more 3DR phone/tech support?

Could not find this topic using search on the forum, so I thought I'd ask.

It appears that 3DR no longer has a phone number for support, called yesterday and got a recording.  Also it is no longer listed on the 3DR web page.  Anyone else know what is going on?

If they stopped phone support, well that's going backwards in my book.


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  • So what is really happening with 3DR?

    I'm about ready to order a Solo to take advantage of the current deal, and it looks like the entire North American operation of 3DR is closing? This does not look promising, or am I reading something into it that is totally wrong? 

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    • Given the continued product development recently - app version 2.2 just this week, 3DR Enterprise, etc. - I'm not worried about the overall company. I think they're probably just growing from making thousands of units to making hundreds of thousands of units. In manufacturing this likely means a move to Asia (from Mexico) so it makes sense that the San Diego office would be closing. Not sure about the Austin office closing as well but it appears that they're centralizing to Berkeley. The Wikipedia page makes things seem a bit grim but if you actually click through on some of the doomsday claims, the cited articles don't really back the conclusions reflected on the wiki page.

      As far as dropping phone support, I too am sad to see it go because it was excellent the several times I have used it. That said, a lot of modern companies don't offer phone support any longer - or at least not without first creating a support ticket.

      I'm just hoping that the company can manage to retain its unique identity as it scales - especially with regard to the amazing community here! They have an amazing product with Solo and as long as the FAA doesn't introduce something that drastically limits their ability to sell, I expect them to be fine - or at least I hope they are!

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  • I needed phone support the other day. I couldn't find a number, but I found a link to a form I could fill out and have them call me. They called me back about 30 minutes later. So I guess that's sort of phone support. Works for me.

    • Do you have what page on the 3DR site you used?  You can fill out a ticket and they will eventually email you.  Going on 4 days, 1 email from them and no answer back.  If you have a link on that 'form' I would appreciate you paste it here.

    • I used online chat today and got my issue resolved quickly.

      I have also heard that you can initiate a ticket this way and then request a phone conversation.

      Hope that helps!

    • I just looked on where I found the link before, and it's changed now. Now, I simply have the option of emailing them. Which, based on my experience with email support with 3DR, doesn't seem like a good thing. I've emailed them in the past and *never* got a response. I've talked to 3DR people on Facebook in the past, and it was a good 4-5 months before I got a response. So yeah.... This is not good. 

  • Full time phone support was attempted for a period that proved to not be viable. They have moved to increased online support is my understanding.

    • Well, I'm going to miss it as I got immediate support and was very pleased with it.  We shall see how long it takes for an email/support ticket response.  All I really need is a Solo App .sdk file as my original LG G3 phone I have been using for the Solo App no longer will update from Playstore since 2.0.1 updates.  Stuck using my Nexus 10 tablet for now.

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