Solo Controller Issues


Flew Solo yesterday on the new firmware and everything went well.  Went to fly tonight and the controller is acting up.

It says waiting for GPS even though the Solo app says 10+ satellites and HDOP under 2.0.  The app shows 0% battery even though it's a fully charged battery showing a full charge on the battery's meter.  Basically Solo is grounded.  Pressing "fly" doesn't do anything other than make the controller vibrate at me.

Do I perform a factory reset?  If so just on the controller or Solo too?

I'd love to get back in the air for the 4th.


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  • Anyone back in the office at 3DR support yet?  Sorry, just hate having a grounded quad :(

  • Hello Rich,
    Have you contacted 3DR support? I'm hearing they don't want you to perform a reset unless they tell you to do so. Some are getting bricked. I would get them on the phone and see if you can get it straightened out. Sounds like the controller is not paired with Solo.
    • Hi Ray,

      Yup, posted a ticket.  I did remember seeing the support email or post saying that people were a little too quick to do a factory reset that's why I haven't tried yet.

      It's odd, the controller, app, and Solo are all talking to each other just getting mixed messages.  If I connect tower I can arm Solo and take off.  Then I can fly with the controller and use the controller's RTH button and everything seems to work.  But once landed I can't use "fly" on the controller and take off again.

      Meanwhile the Solo app is receiving live video and satellite updates but showing 0% battery even though it's fully charged.  Strange.

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