Takeoff From a Cliff

What happens when I fly from the top of a cliff?  At takeoff I am 40 ft. above the ground but when I move 100 ft. west I am 500ft. above the ground.  How does the FAA see that?   How does the controller altitude limit see that?

Can I fly down to the valley floor from the cliff?  Seems like altitude would go negative.

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  • I think a better question is how the software handles this case.  Does it allow a negative relative elevation?

  • http://publicapps.caa.co.uk/modalapplication.aspx?appid=11&mode...

    Reference:ORS4 No.1108
    Title:Small Unmanned Aircraft – First Person View (FPV) Flying
    Description:General exemption to allow First Person View flying of radio-controlled aircraft, providing that a competent observer is present.

    ORS4 No.1108: Small Unmanned Aircraft – First Person View (FPV) Flying
    Please find below details of the CAA Publication you have selected. Dependent on availability, you are able to download the file, or purchase a print…
    • Thanks, but the OP is for U.S.

  • I personally like to follow the guidelines and rules of the hobby, so I always fly at 400f/t. However, if you are flying in an area that you are familiar with and you know there won't be helicopters or airplane flying overhead, you could fly above 400f/t there's no one stopping you....

    But do it at your risk and take responsibilities for your actions.

    • http://www.modelaircraft.org/files/105.pdf

      10 ft or 500 ft......both require accepting responsibility.

    • 4) The person in charge must not fly the SUA:

      a) in Class A, C, D or E airspace unless permission of the appropriate air traffic control
      unit has been obtained;
      b) within an aerodrome traffic zone during the notified hours of watch of the air traffic
      control unit (if any) at that aerodrome unless permission of any such air traffic control
      unit has been obtained;
      c) at a height of more than 1,000 feet above the surface (see Note 3);
      d) over or within 150 metres of any congested area;
      e) over or within 150 metres of an organised open-air assembly of more than 1,000
      f) within 50 metres of any vessel, vehicle or structure which is not under the control of the
      person in charge of the aircraft

    • Please cite sources when quoting.

  • Common sense will be your best guide. If you fly off the cliff and are 1,000 AGL, but only 50 feet from the cliff, then your fine. You pose no risk to air traffic. But if you proceed to fly your drone out s couple miles from the cliff, and your still 1,000 AGL, then your clearly in the wrong.

    As to the arguments about law, vs guidelines, vs suggestions, and whether the FAA has jurisdiction, that's all basically irrelevant because if your flying 1,000 feet AGL your just being an ass hat
    • So pilots at AMA aircraft shows are ass hats? Gliders using thermals out in the middle of nowhere are ass hats?

      Have you ever flown large power planes or gliders?

    • Whoa! Don't get your panties in a bunch.  

      Who said anything about AMA air shows or gliders?  Where is that coming from?  Lets stay on topic here.  

      I'm talking about the ass hats who fly quad copters with no common sense... and you are going to have a very difficult time convincing me (or probably anyone) not to use their common sense when flying.  

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