Triggering the Solo Camera during Survey

Has anyone had success triggering the GoPro from the Solo in survey mode using a camera trigger waypoint?

I have a Solo gimbal and am successfully getting feed from my GoPro Hero4 Silver edition. I can trigger the camera, etc., via the Solo app, but once I setup an autonomous flight with a camera trigger, nothing happens. I made sure everything was up to date. Do I need to install the beta firmware for the camera?

I'm happy to provide any additional details.

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  • Developer

    I made a blog post on how to trigger the GoPro for surveys

    • That was a great mod Jaime and I used it with much success, Thank you! However I put the file back to stock when I heard that the next update is supposed to have that fixed. Do you know if that is true? I would also like to modify the camera list to include a GP 4 black with the 4.35mm lens.


    • @Jamie thanks for your contribution to this post and on mine about alternate cameras.

      I would be interested in purchasing a controller cable when you are ready to sell. All the best.

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    This is not an issue with tower. The solo pixhawk firmware does try to trigger the camera, but the companion computer onboard Solo which is responsible for the triggering of the GoPro is not triggering the camera. In order to trigger it you need to modify a file called I wrote a file that will trigger the GoPro during survey missions and will keep a log of the shits taken with coordinates and angles for the camera gimbal and copter. I posted it a while ago on the solo mod club page on Facebook. I'll put a link here shortly.
  • currently tower only supports triggering cameras via pwm or relay. while tower supports switching the gopro between photo and video, it will need to be updated to support triggering the shutter.

    • Thanks! I started diving into some more threads and code and came to a similar conclusion. I saw tower release a fairly large update on Monday with a number of features, the least of which was:

      • Gopro control (requires compatible gopro connected to a 3DR Solo gimbal)

      I'm hoping to get a flight in this weekend to experiment, but my hopes are low.

    • i should add that the latest tower updates lets you control the gopro and shutter manually, but there isn't a waypoint to take a picture and survey doesn't auto trigger the gopro yet.

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