Using an RFD900 with Solo


On previous Pixhawk-based copters I've used the excellent RFD900 radio modem for telemetry and control. Now I'm flying a Solo so I'm wondering whether anyone has hooked an RFD900 up to a Solo-and-Tower combination. Or to Solo and another GCS?



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  • Developer

    yes, You can hook up the RFD900 via the accessory bay to the Solo.

    The accessory bay has the Pixhawk Serial 2 on it.

    • Thanks for confirming - I'll give it a try.

    • Please assist me with this process.  I have a RDF900 and this is one of the things that annoyed me with SOLO is the inability to use the long range telemetry. 

    • Developer
      Just plug it into the accessory bay, and set it up as normal...

      It's serial 2
    • Where can I get an accessory bay breakout board?  

    • Developer
      The Solo mod club has links, are you a member of the solo Facebook pages?
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