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Clubs is SA (Jhb)


Is there a list perhaps somewhere for multicopter flying clubs?

Or do multicopters fall under normal RC flying clubs?  Reason I ask is it seems that the purists, i.e. Rc aircraft like planes, gliders and heli enthusiasts frown upon multicopters. Thi

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Camera Infra-red Conversion


I'm looking for a place in South Africa that is able to do an infra-red conversion on a canon s95 camera.

If there is such a place/company, is there an alternative camera to the s95 that is easier or better to preform the conversion on?



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APM 2.5

Dear All,

I bought an Apm 2.5 about a year ago.....when there were no cases with separate gps osd video and 3dr radios.

I really need help getting this all together!

Anyone in the Gauteng area done this before!

I live North of Pretoria but come thru to J

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One motor gets extremely hot

I have an issue with one of my motors thats getting extremely hot. I changed my ESC's and battery yesterday to 4S. Before I used ESC's and 3S battery on the same rig, without issues. Its a quad, X configured, but now the back rightside motor get so h

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