• Not hard at all meany examples raspberrypi, nothing wrong with wifi as long as you RC gear is interfarderd with. No cheap tunagy stuff.
    • Thing I wonder would be a challenge is that iridium is designed to work via mobile app, so I imagine it might not be so straight forward to rely telemetry from iridium->mobile phone->autopilot.. I fear the mobile device would be a weak link in the the chain...
    • I searched around but I couldn't find any similar projects on here.. Where did you happen to see them?

    • Simple networking nothing hard.
  • -you dont' really want wifi onboard

    -Iriddium provide better/smaller devices for serial data connection

    -read the prices, then verify the *actual* datarates you experience, not the advertised best-case rates.

    • Which Iridium devices do you think would work better?

    • 9603

    • That model is a Short-Burst-Data modem..  I believe SBD's are limited to "data bursts" of 2kb or less, and the transmission speeds are usually very slow. I do not believe SBD could support the data size and latency requirements of FPV telemetry..   

    • no, not "FPV telemetry" whatever definition that is, but it's enough for command/control for BRLOS  missions.

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