Develop standard, re-usable inexpensive solutions for IP-enabled always-on UAVs over cellular IP networks such as GPRS, 3G, 4G etc.

Primary goal: Telemetry over low cost cellular [achieved in testing]

Secondary goal: Bi-directional GCS/Telemetry over cellular IP [achieved in testing]

Tertiary goal: High speed IP for streaming IP video over cellular 3G/4G

STATUS: Bi-directional telemetry over cellular IP (UDP or TCP) is now working. It has been flown successfully while logging live telemetry to a GCS at home, several miles away [distance is really unlimited]. Currently working on improving code, more testing and broader hardware support.

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  • I would think, this is where a Raspberry would really prove its worth.

  • Copter Richie : 

    I will post a video later today showing my configuration and its performance.



    Half a year ago,  was using Facetime over 3g with my jailbroken iphone. It works perfect. The ide has past my mind also. It will work for sure.

    The only problem is how good connection i will get with two cell network antennas so close togheter.

    I really think the best thing ( If it works), is merge the video stream togheter with telemetry data.




  • Have you ever played with FaceTime? I tried it the other night with my wifes iphone and mine. There was no delay! It comes standard now on all iPhones. It does require a wifi, but there are apps to undo that if you jailbreak. Im thinking when tmobile rolls out 4g lte in my area, ill just strap a used jailbroke 4s on my 8x and FaceTime it. Will work until somebody makes an app just for this. Would be really neat to import minimosd code for osd overlay!
  • @MrLudvig, may I inquire more about the system you are using? Just a general overview would be fine. Thank you.

  • I also must add that Telemtry over celluar works perfect.

    I probably have 50 flight`s with this system without any lost package or comuniation fault.



  • Hi

    i have orderd this camera:


    Is there any chance of streaming video or picture to Mission Planner HUD?

    If so, how to do it?

    I know it can be difficult to get this work, but i will try.


    I just dont know how to merge this video stream together with Telemetry data.





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  • Hi,

    I once put together some code to reconstruct the onboard view in Google Earth from either telemetry data or a log, that worked great! It runs on a J2EE application server and is viewed in a browser. That was as good for keeping a feeling of where you were as a real picture.

    I don't think there is much chance of getting a picture through with a DroneCell or other 2G technology. I got myself a SIM700 thing now and eventually I am going to experiment with that...

    ... or am I? The world is flooded with perfectly working 3G Android and IOS phones that are one or two generations old and can be had for like 100 EUR or USD. They have no power supply problems (beat that DroneCell) and they have built in camera, IP stack and an OS to support application code. Many can be hacked to have or to support a serial interface...

    For a solution without a mobile phone, I think one should not use the APM to route the image information. It is busy enough flying. Then rather a second computer that runs the cellular business, with image data from one interface, MAVLink serial to/from another and the SIM700 or something else in a third. Teh solution should (must) support multiple simultaneous TCP/UDP connections, so it will either need to run in multeplex mode with a SIM or equiv. module, or simple have its own IP stack.



  • Hi

    Søren; Just PM me if you want some beta testers?. ;))


    Im also looking into the possibillity to send video/picture.

    If i use UART camera ;

    Would i have enough data speed to maintain a reasonable transfer rate for video if i use 3g or 4g?

    If not, i could just send pictures every 10sec in very poor quality, that will be better than nothing, right?

    The Mission Planner support video in HUD, and that would be nice. ;)



    Regardig the GSM shield, i had to swith the serial connetcors from UART0 to UART2.

    The APM2,5 was freezing every time i switch the sim shield on, but after using UART2 everything works perfect.( I had to soldier the mux pin)






  • Hi,

    Okay thanks! Meanwhile I have gotten it to compile under linux and apparently without using Arduino at all :) But great, now I have 2 ways to go.



  • Download this version :


    Set your sketchfolder to arducopter library folder, or one folder above.

    When you open arduino, select APM 2,5 under Adrupilot tab.


    Then it should compile


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need help understanding if we can rin it on a 2560 multiwii?

hi guys might have a project that require telemetry especially tracking and logging . how do I get about setting up an multiwii 2560 drone to communicate to GSM module and what would be on the server side if it uses 3G 4G systems im looking for people to collabthe idea is to run it off a web browser and serversuggested links pertaining to hardwares and codes on both aircraft side and server side would be helpfulthanks

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Telemetry via LTE, Controlling your infrastructure.

Hey guys, I'm brand new to this forum, but far from brand new to the sUAS industry.  I've been a engineer and developer in this arena since about 2012.  I wanted to hop into this discussion to get some insight and exposure for some of the stuff I've been working on.  I'm the Chief Innovations Officer at Fenix Group Solutions out here in D.C.  I wanted to expose you guys (hopefully reaching the developer community) to VCore.  VCore is a fully virtualized 4G LTE core network in the form factor of…

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WiFi Drone Disabler - Security Matters

Hey guys,I came across an article about making a Drone WiFi disabler on Make that I thought was cool. Then I realized that this could be a future problem for some people. In short, make sure that you are setting up encryption especially if running SoftAp.This hack basically makes use of the fact that some manufacturers don't set the encryption by default when first launched out of the box. This is just a heads up to everyone so you aren't a future…

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