Sony Alpha5000 APM triggered and geo-tagged

Hello all,

We at Airborne Projects are in the process of testing an integration of the Sony Alpha 5000 with the APM/Pixhawk with very good results so far and we are starting this thread to showcase and get feedback on a possible product.

The capabilities we have so far is to have the Pixhawk connect to a 53x25mm micro computer which then connects to the Sony Alpha (or actually most DSLR cameras). This way we listen for triggers from the Pixhawk and order the camera to take a picture and upload it to our micro computer. The images will be live Geo-referenced.

Upon landing there is a normal USB memory pen connected to this micro computer that has all the images by the APM ready for post processing, there is no need to cross reference the images with the Pixhawk logs.

Another cool trick we pulled is that we can configure the camera in the air or even see the live pictures on the ground. This way you can correctly figure the settings of exposure and ISO without the trouble of going back to the office. We plan to use this features as addons.

What do you think?

You can also find the original pictures that generated the mosaic in this link




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  • Hi

    Do yo know how much delay do yo get between the actual GPS position and when the Geo tag is written to the image in the camera?

    What is the interface between Pixhawk and MicroPC and MicroPC and Camera ?

    • Hi Bortek,

      The delay from when the tags are written is irrelevant as they can be written later. What is relevant is the time between the APM trigger and the actual camera trigger. This delay is the one we are working on to reduce it to the minimum possible.This delay is what can make the tag of the image slightly mismatch the place where it was actually taken.We currently have a delay of +-100 ms.

      The actual writing of the tags is only added when the micro computer downloads the pictures. The camera does not store any actual pictures they are all stored in the USB memory of the micro computer.

      The camera is connected through USB to the micro computer.

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