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Hi friends, I don't understand waht's the difference between checking or unchecking the "Aditional waypoints" field on the photogrammetry tool. If enabled, I can see that the route is better calculated following the terrain, which I guess is better also for Photoscan or Pix4d to create a digital elevation model.

But if the waypoints are more than 99, then UGCS tells you that the others won't be uploaded to the UAV (inspire 1 pro in my case).


If I uncheck it, then I got a straight line:

3691333249?profile=originalSo which would be the best approach in your opinion?.  

Another doubt I have, what does "partial calculation" do exactly?


Many thanks!


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  • Hi Pablo!

    Yes, if UAV will stop on each waypoint and them accelerate and fly to next - it consumes more battery than fly without stops. I can advise you to use special actions - camera by time or camera by distance. In this case no additional waypoints will be generated.

  • Great, I will try to do that then. having all of these waypoints consume more battery? In the test the uav must stop or make a turned bank on each point.
  • It increases waypoints to have better precision.

    99 is limit set by DJI. Workaround is to fly most of them, then stop and restart from place where you left it. UgCS supports such feature. Select waypoint from which you want to continue in the middle of route and you can fly mission larger than capabilities of your drone, either due to battery or waypoint limitations.

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