Orbit scan around a vertical structure


what's the easiest way to plan a vertical orbit scan of a wind turbine?

We need to build a 3D model of a turbine for study purposes, we are aware of the orbit mode, but we cannot find an easy way to extend the photogrammetry vertically to cover all the tower.


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  • I hoped there was a more automated mode, but I will try to follow this advice. Thanks.

    Please consider to add this feature in the future.

  • Hi,

    You can create multiple circles, specify altitude higher for each next circle. Once one circle is finished, drone will move to next circle. 

    Best regards,
    UgCS Support Team
    Janis Jonins

  • Hi Janis,

    thank you for your reply. I know the facade scan tool, but our subject is a wind turbine, hence must be surveyed through circular orbits around the tower, increasing altitude AGL as soon as we complete a circle. This until the full collecting of images.

    Do you have any advice to do so?

    Thank you, best regards.

  • Hi,

    There is tool Facade scan in UgCS. Tool is designed to perform vertical scan with specified overlap. You specify A and B points, lowest and highest points for scan, overlap and distance to object, route is calculated automatically. 

    You can find more details in UgCS Wiki: https://wiki.ugcs.com/Facade_scanner

    Best regards,
    UgCS Support Team
    Janis Jonins

    Facade scanner
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