I've now experienced (in emulator) that the copter will fly to max allowable altitude once it returns home following pushing the 'return home' button. This would obviously not be desired if the RTL was due to the battery being low for example. Any ideas of why this is happening and how to fix it? I've attached the mission .xml here and a pic of where the drone ends up. Very strange.3691343767?profile=original

Mission of 5_19_2017 7_36 PM.xml

Untitled picture.png

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  • In "new route" dialog select "Import from file", next select KML file.


  • Excellent I will do this today! I will put it in a locked room as removing the propellers is a huge pain.

    Also, I'm using the new Beta 2.11 - but can't figure out how to use the new KML polygon to area survey (or the KML to waypoint feature either) import feature described online. Where could I find this button?


  • Eben, in UgCS for DJI app you can activate emulation mode for your drone in HIL mode (hardware in the loop). In such case you will get almost same behavior as in real flight.

    Connect your drone to the UgCS as usual, next go to menu in UgCS for DJI app and there is command to activate emulation.

    !!! please do this without propellers. A2, Naza, and early versions of P3 had horrible bug - they can start motors in emulation mode. Later DJI fixed this bug for new drones, but it be better to play without propellers.

  • As Alexey already said, this issue only affects Emulator. Please do not take emulator as a exact reference to actual flights, especially regarding things like RTL altitude and Fail safe behavior. For all our supported flight controllers, the RTL altitude is set in manufacturers software.

  • It's known bug in UgCS Emulator. You can stop ascending by pressing command Hold. Will be fixed in future versions.

    This isn't related to real flight safety, bug is only in emulator.

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