I am having issues getting my 3DR Y6 APM 2.6 to accept my missions/ routes. I can connect and get telemetry from the copter, but I cant upload missions. I get the following message:

"Route "Untitled route" upload failed. Route not accepted."

I currently need UGCS for my WooKong based X8 octocopter and I'm testing the free version on my cheaper apm based FC copter first. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



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  • Hello Chad,

    There is a explanation to this issue.

    For UgCS 2.7:

    If You are using Arducopter f.w. 3.3.x, then it is necessary for the vehicle to have GPS connection while uploading mission and the mission must be withing 50km radius from the location of vehicle.

    Unfortunately upload for Arducopter f.w. 3.2.1 on UgCS 2.7 does not work currently, but we will release a fix for that shortly.

    For previous Ardupilot firmware we recommend You to currently stick to UgCS 2.6.

    Please let me know if this helped.


    • I've got the same issue, but I'm running the new Ugcs 2.8.
      So, if I understand you. For fw 3.2.1 upload is broke, and you don't recommend using Ugcs 2.7 with fw earlier the 3.2.1, and we should use 2.6.

      Will the projected fix also include UGCS 2.8?
    • Hi Bill,

      Thanks for Your question and interest in our software!

      I have just tested mission upload from UgCS 2.8 to APM 2.5 running f.w. 3.2.1 and it did work.

      May I please ask You to send me one log file - C:\Users\~Your username~\AppData\Local\UGCS\logs\vsm-ardupilot\vsm-ardupilot.log

      For MAC:

      Macintosh HD\Users\~Your Username~\Library\Logs\UGCS\logs\vsm-ardupilot\vsm-ardupilot.log

      Please upload it and send me the link or write to support@ugcs.com with attached vsm-ardupilot.log


    • files sent to support.

    • Bill,

      We investigated the log and it seems You are trying to upload a large route, could be consisting of more than 100 waypoints.

      Please do try to upload a less complicated route (consisting of less waypoints and waypoint actions) and see if that helps.

      Let me know about success,


    • I reduced the number of waypoints/Segments to 21 as shown in the box above the lat long.

      However, after calculating the route, the display shows the last waypoint is #70 (when you hover you mouse over the last waypoint)(see file upload-fail.jpg.

      I understand the increase in waypoints due to the new waypoints created by the circle.

      but this does not exceed 100 waypoints 

      And thank you for the direct and personal support, It is a valuable feature of your organization.


      hight check and circles.JPG


    • Bill,

      I see that You are still pushing the limits of that Ardupilot 2.5. If You really need to fly routes that long, I would strongly suggest You getting a Pixhawk.

      Anyway, to find the maximum amount of waypoints it can take, I would suggest You first to try to upload 50 waypoint route, if ok, go to 70, then if not ok, back to 60, then 65 and try to find the max amount.

      Additionally You can check C:\Users\~Bill~\AppData\Local\UGCS\logs\vsm-ardupilot\mission

      directory for mission dump files which should show how many actual mission items You are trying to upload (uint16_t seq: parameter)

      Let me know if You need anything else, I will be glad to help.


    • A simpler route loaded, I'll have to take some time to find the upper limit
      Thanks for thy he great support
    • Thanks Bill,

      Received and started investigation.

      Best regards,


    • Thank you. Like I mentioned my company has a Reigl RiCOPTER and we are going to be using UGCS for its mission planning and flights. I wanted to get fimiliar with UGCS's functionality first on a smaller rig.
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