For post-processing LiDAR flights, it is required that I start and end each flight with 3 figure eight flight patterns. Is it possible for me to create a custom shape to enable doing this easily each time I plan a flight, such as the circle that is available? 

Also, I'm not clear how to copy / paste waypoints within a flight plan, which could help to at least copy a figure eight (if I'm trying to fly as close to the same one as possible each time). 


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  • Alexey,

    I'm using a Riegl RiCOPTER with a VUX-SYS (LiDAR and 2 x Sony A6000 cameras). I have a very similar calibration/ workflow as Eben's Phoenix System. The added "Area Scan" tool has been a big improvement for us in large area mapping missions.

    1. I would like to see something to aid in the dynamic calibration (figure 8 patterns) with a time interval. We perform the figure 8 pattern at mission altitude (typically 40 to 60 meters) for a total of 2.5 minutes before and at the end of each mission.

    2. I would also like to be able to be able to replay the telemetry with a mission overlayed.  

    Thank you


  • Hi Alexey,

    Our GatorEye system ( ) uses a Phoenix LiDAR Scout, which is hardware / software integrated with hyperspectral and RGB sensors. The flight requirements are:

    1) 10 minutes on ground warming up before flight.

    2) Take-off to flight altitude, then adjust camera parameters (so pause mission for 20 seconds).

    3) Level (not AGL, but AMSL) flight of 10 seconds (100 m approx) at 8 m/s, for kinematic alignment of IMU (STIM 300), if aligned continue, if not repeat step 3.

    4) 2-3 figure eight patterns at 8 m/s (radius of each one approximately 20 m, but variable by operator) - required for post-processing solution (Inertial Explorer, to obtain < 5 cm absolute point cloud accuracy).

    5) Fly mission at 70m AGL at 8-12 m/s. 30 m between line area scan used (for optimal hyperspectral and lidar sidelap).

    6) Repeat Step 4 (another 2-3 figure eight patterns).

    7) Land and remain powered on a static for 10 minutes to obtain final static IMU solution (for post-processing).

    With all the above on an Matrice 600 Pro we will get about 14-18 minutes of data collection time or approximately 50 acres, per set of 6 batteries.

    Please let me know any questions you have or any software assistance that could be provided in making the above steps more standardized (we discussed already the figure-eight tool - custom programmed flight lines). It is quite a lot of steps to repeat each time, and having it highly standardized would be ideal.

    Please see my lab at:, and I am available via email at: eben at


  • Hi, what LIDAR do you use? We are gathering requirements from LIDAR users to implement planning tools for LIDAR missions. If you have some requirements do not hesitate to write me or post here.

    Here is a sample how RIEGL uses UgCS with RiCopter -

  • I too, run LiDAR and would be very interested in a template feature. 

  • Wow! That is great! Thank you and your R&D director! I look forward to seeing that in a release sometime in the future. Thanks!

  • Eben, after short discussion with our R&D director we included "custom templates" to our development plan. Thank you for idea. I can't say version when it will be implemented but we will do it.

  • Hi, unfortunately UgCS allows to copy whole route only, and there isn't possibility to create custom shapes to use them later as templates.

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