UGCS and DJI N3 + Lightbridge 2 compatibility


I am thinking in upgrading my multirotors to the DJI N3 flight controller. Since I need a way to comunicate to the pc I was thinking in adding Lightbridge 2 to the system. Is UGCS compatible with this system? If no, what other modem do you suggest me to connect to the UAV?

Thank you in advance.


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  • Hi Arturs,

    I am also thinking of going down the same upgrade path. In the case of an A2, the shutter trigger would be tapped from F2. What about the N3?

  • Great! Thank you a lot Arturs!

  • Hi Pablo,

    The latest information I have on Datalink Pro, is that DJI have not yet implemented full support for it in their SDK, meaning that they do not currently allow third parties to fully use it.

    We will certainly support it, but not just yet. We will make sure to announce support for it on our website.

    Kind regards,


  • Great, thank you Arturs.

    Yesterday DJI announced the new Datalink Pro (900M) as a standalone (without the RTK boundle). Do you know if this is going to work directly to a PC with UGCS?

    Thank you again.

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  • Hi Paul,

    Yes, the DJI N3 controller is supported, just in the current UgCS version it is detected as A3 (no worries in the upcoming versions we will fix that) and You are totally correct on the Lightbridge 2 connection. 

    Currently it is the only way to connect N3 controller to UgCS.



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