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Cheaw Wen Guey replied to Pablo Legarreta's discussion UGCS and DJI N3 + Lightbridge 2 compatibility in UgCS
"Hi Arturs,
I am also thinking of going down the same upgrade path. In the case of an A2, the shutter trigger would be tapped from F2. What about the N3?"
Aug 29, 2017
Cheaw Wen Guey replied to Stevod's discussion Why no Yaw in Telemetry? in UgCS
"In a multi-rotor, Roll is similar to Yaw as an indication of compensation"
Aug 23, 2017
Cheaw Wen Guey replied to Douglas Stern's discussion Photogrammetry with A2 flight controller, Z15 gimbal in UgCS
"I have tried the same method, and when I click trigger in the GS software when I set the GP Servo action, my camera takes more than 1 picture. I am not using a zenmuse gimbal by the way."
Aug 23, 2017
Cheaw Wen Guey replied to Eben N. Broadbent's discussion Warning: NO low battery RTL in UGCS auto mode for DJI Matrice (and perhaps all DJI?) in UgCS
"Another way I think is to preset the behaviour in the DJI GO app that it will factor in the distance to return home when emergency return to home. Then you let the default behaviour of the drone in case loss of RC link to be continue."
Aug 23, 2017
Cheaw Wen Guey replied to Colin Girvan's discussion UgCS direct connection in UgCS
"I find going offline on the phone or tablet helps. More reliable to connect through the app."
Aug 23, 2017