UgCS for DJI app

I went and got an android tablet specifically to run the UgCS for DJI app since I am a mac user and run an ipad for everything else with my drones (and realised too late I needed a tablet app to use UgCS, my own fault). Now I try to download the app from the google play store but get "incompatible with your device: no carrier" error. Why would I need a carrier to run the app since it connects to the macbook wifi, not through a celllphone network? I really want to like and use UgCS but honestly this software is making it very hard...

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  • Adam,

    I send you link to APK file as a reply to your Service Desk request.

  • Unfortunately DJI has not made it possible to connect directly to computer by design of their new data links. We managed to overcome limitation of DJI drones can be managed by computers running different platforms( Mac/Win/Ubuntu) but could not find a way to make them connect directly to it. Thus middle ware is required. Our engineers will give reply on your tech issue bit later.

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