ugcs open license photogrammetry disabled?

Hello all

I've testing the UgCS for photogrammetry, but recently its asking me for activation. Why have they disabled photogrammetry tool in open license?

I now have shifted to testing out the Pix4d capture which is working out quite well.

any way to use the older version of ugcs to use the photogrammetry tool again?

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  • Thanks a lot!

    I have educational photogrammetry project and the prize will more than helpful !

  • Vasselin wins the guessing game! Close to the end of last year we hit the 40 man years of development for UgCS. If to add also support engineers time since we went commercial  and management would be even more. Part of the work have gone into learning and later ditching lot of things as those longer around can remember how UgCS looked about 3-4 years ago in Beta stage. Functionality has increased, map engine rewritten from scratch and UI had several versions and face lifts.

    UgCS started as idea in 2012. Company was founded in early 2013 and we started out with 5 developers. Now we have grown to nearly 30 full time employees working on UgCS and our other products such as and custom integration projects.

  • UgCS ONE has photogrammetry tool.

  • Fair point. 600 is a magnitude of order more than 65. Had not realized a pro license was required for that. Maybe a limited trial would be a good idea for those evaluating it.

    So sorry -- not an absurd post.
  • It's not $65, it's $600. We're talking about a Pro license, not the One license. For those of us who plan to use this software for business use, the One license doesn't do what we need.

    Oh, I see what you mean, about the giveaway. I guess the point is no one wants to spend money on something that they don't know is even going to fill their need. It's like if you went to the store and bought a pair of shoes without ever trying them on, hoping they would fit. Of course you can take them back, if the store allows it. But that's a hassle and wouldn't it be much easier just to try them on before you leave the store?

  • It is amazing that anyone would post something so absurd. $65 is really trivial. Just buy a license. Have you seen Pix4D's pricing? (I am a hobbyist and own a $65 Ugcs license).
  • I can guess 41 man years for the development.

  • I figure 5 years of man delv. hours. Considering the apps, you must be proficient. 

  • I suppose that have to be estimate for ONE man/year work, so my guest  is 15 man years.

  • Will keep open guess game till 1st of March. Closest guess wins, thus there will be a  winner. 

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