I thought it was about time to start a U.K group, mainly due to the time difference between us and USA, so members can discuss their issues here and hopefully get the help they require sooner? Also it possible there is someone living not far away from yourself that you could swap ideas with and get first hand help and advice with your project.

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  • I always do an auto trim on CH7 every time i fly, the problem is it dosent hold it everytime. when it does hold the trim it Loiters pretty well. Just need to find out why, i think its a vibration.

  • Theoretically, you should be able to calculate ideal PID settings from an impulse response of a system. The problem is, without simulation, this is hard to perform. A better approach I would have thought is using a log analyser to estimate the error in your PID settings. PID tuning is an iterative process, but given the similarity of most quad copters (in that they are mainly square and have similar weight distributions) I can't see why an "ideal" PID calculator could not be produced when taking into account parameters such as weight, drag coefficient, moment of inertia and power output.

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    @Luc re auto PID tuning...Adam's part of the dev team now..and we talked about what he was working on...i think it turned out that it only worked in a very limited number of situation.  It really would be great to hear/understand the theory behind how this could be done.

    My guess is that if you have a decent guess as to the delay between when the controller sends the message and when you see the result, you can kind of work up over time an idea as to whether it's reacting as your PID values tell you it should...and then adjust them slightly up or down..

    ..so you have some kind of little watcher sitting there..and over a long time it keeps quietly adjusting the pids behidn the scenes..it does it a lot at the beginning when it's very unsure if it's got them right..but then slows down over time as more history builds up...

  • I saw this thread: http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/arducopter-automatic-pid-tuning... about automatic PID tuning, and wondered if anyone here had any success with it? I am tempted by the idea, but it seems that the code he is using is based on an older version of arducopter.

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    Malcolm I am sure you already know this? But can't you just do an auto trim in flight? Its got to be a whole lit easier than taking everything to bits? I can meet up if you wish.. I think you are 20 mins away..
  • Would be good to meet, the heli is pretty good, but i'm still suffering from a light leans problem, so over this week i'm going to strip the heli, balance everything and rebuild. How you fixed this weekend?

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    Malcolm when you get the ublox we can have as go at your heli? Just give me a shout on here.. If the weather its ok?
  • Anyone else flying traditional heli's with either dji, apm or another board in the UK?

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    Sorry using my mobile and predictive text :-) but you get the idea?
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    No lift off add some of you may know? There was a problem with the latest dji wkm firmware which meant if you had an Octo, you couldn't use it.. Apparently they have realeased an update, but I haven't tried it yet? dji obviously don't test their firmware on ask airframes? Or this issue would never have happened..
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A Newbie Question

Hello there,Have waited a long time to finally dive into DIY drone construction, but after a few years I wanted to jump into something that I love, but have only experienced through other people.I'm willing to spend sometime and money to do this right, buying parts instead of one ready to go kit; but of course I would like advice.I don't want to get into something too involved too early, as I think caution and going slow to get to grips is probably the best way with these things.Found this…

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UK Newbie

Hi all,I am Jason - 42 years old in the Midlands UK.I have been a recreational quad flyer for just over a year - using a flywheel f450 with a go pro - no fpv set up yet.I run my own specialised cleaning business and have done for 10 years but i would like to become CAA certified and i am just about to book the course. I would like to then get a better set up and then slowly start doing some commercial work, probably free at first to build a portfolio before setting about trying to make a career…

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