connect telemetry through TCP & UDP

hi Silvio!

i have tried 4G telemetry as like you but i have failed continously to connect

the mission planner with 4G network.

attached pls find the screen capture of my trial.

when i push the connect button under the condition of TCP, it showed "host name" pop-up and i wrote

it accordingly. then next window arose to insert remote port number. so i wrote many port number in the column, for example, 8080 or 8090 or 2000 or 14550 but there was no use and the window's remark was the sentence "trying to connect" or" no heatbeat packets received" or "connect failed".






also i changed the connection mode by UDP again, then pop-up showed as "enter local port" and i again wrote many port numbers as above but failed. pop-up was showed as "waiting for UDP" continously.




which port number is ok to connect the telemetry under 4G networks? or is there another problem to do 4Gmetry?

your prompt reply will be appreciated!



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    • thanks Efstratios!

      i will review your check point again.

      also i have one question that cable usb to serail means flwg port cable?

      3702786511?profile=originalas i know, usually the cable is connected between apm or pixhawk to raspberry pi or Odroid.

      then above cable can't be connected due to pin's number or shape of port.

      would you show me the cable capture for my reference?

      awaiting your reply!


    • Hey,

      This is the cable that i used  : USB to SERIAL  .I followed this guide Connecting a Companion Computer in order to connect my odroid with the pixhawk.So at the end i had a cable tha from one end i have a usb port and from the other end i have a DF13 cable that can be coonected directly to the pixhawk.

      The cable that you showed is also usb to serial but the shape and the pins number are different.I guess if you cut this cable before the serial port you will also have the separate smaller cables that you can work with.

      As i told you im not the expert but i was also trying to go around different solution that can make my life easier :)…
    • hi Efstratios!


      yes i reviewed your capture of cable but i doubt why this cable can't connect in order.


      as you like, i am a newbie in this field so i don't know where can i buy the same usb connector like yours. or i guess i should cut other usb to serial cable to fit in the apm 2.6.


      awaiting your reply^^.







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