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Hi all,

I'm about to start building my third X8 tomorrow (crashed due to a horrible gust on launch at 6.6kg all up). I notice a lot of peeps are managing to put the batteries in the middle of the fuselage. Just wondering how people have managed to balance this for CoG? For my setup (albeit with a meaty 1.8kW potor & 16x10 prop) I have to have 2x 7s LiPos as far forward as possible to just get the CoG correct.

Just interested if there is anything obvious I am overlooking? I want to keep the pitch inertia low by having everything heavy near the CoG if possible.

All ideas welcome!

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  • Day 2 of my new build. As per Chris's suggestion I have moved the main gear rearwards and added some ply strengthening. I will also be bolting through, top2bottom through the ply and main undercarriage.

    As before I've included a rotation ground clearance picture of a 16" prop. One really good modification I did on my old build, which I would suggest to everyone is the double motor mount and screwing through. Much safer. I also added a couple more cooling holes for the motor.

    As always, suggestions, comments or criticisms welcome!





  • Awesome. Have you got any pics at all so I can see it?

    Im thinking of replacing the elevons with ply also to try and stop some of the flutter I had on the old x8

  • Thought I'd share my build log so far. Fitted a fixed undercarriage to the bottom section. The last picture for scale shows the maximum rotation angle before a prop strike with a 16" prop.

    Steerable noseleg

    AlphaWing Large undercarriage

    102mm Diamond tread wheels

    Hitec Coreless Digital Metal Gear servo






  • If you hang an undercarriage aft and use a beefy motor, I don't see how you can put the batteries in the centre section. More weight aft = more weight forward, no way of getting round that.

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