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Programming in C++, C#, Bascom, Arduino IDE etc. Electronics, RC Building SkyWalker X8 for AdruPilot-Mega V2

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Built RC models of all kinds and have promised myself for years to build a UAV - so here goes!



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Chris Waltham replied to Simon Howroyd's discussion Build Tips & Tricks in X8
"If you hang an undercarriage aft and use a beefy motor, I don't see how you can put the batteries in the centre section. More weight aft = more weight forward, no way of getting round that."
Jul 31, 2013
Chris Waltham left a comment on X8
I think fitting a fixed undercarriage would be straight forward enough. I'm using 3 inch wheels, you should be able to get plenty of clearance for the prop too. Might well try that myself! "
Jul 30, 2013
Chris Waltham left a comment on X8
"Hi Simon

I think you will need very long undercarriage legs if you choose to use a 16 inch prop. I use a 3 bladed prop to reduce its diameter, it helped reduce the undercarriage leg length.

I found the X8 tricky when it came to retracting…"
Jul 30, 2013
Chris Waltham posted a discussion in X8
Can anyone tell me what the limit is for moving the C of G forward on the X8.I have retracts - they are mounted so that they fold forward and obviously the C of G moves forward when they fold up. I'm trying to work out what the best compromise…
Feb 8, 2013
Chris Waltham posted a discussion
HiI've built an X8 with retracts, my Apm 2.5 is set up for elevon mixing and my left horizontal transmitter stick controls the nose wheel steering (rc channel 4). Am I going to be able to set the autopilot up to control the nose wheel during auto…
Feb 8, 2013
Chris Waltham commented on Max Levine's blog post ArduPilot/Copter Mega 6 position 'mode' switch for FlySky/Tunigy 9x/ and others.
"I just finished this mod on a Turnigy 9XR. I made a few changes though, I used a twelve position switch instead of a six, this has a few advantages. You get 12 modes obviously, but you also, if you set the control nob up properly, can tell which…"
Feb 5, 2013
Chris Waltham posted a discussion in X8
HiI'm new to this forum - well I say new, I've read enough to send me bos-eyed before my time - but I haven't posted much at all. So I suppose I'm introducing myself ---------I've been busy building an X8 for a while - would appreciate any comments.…
Jan 19, 2013
Chris Waltham posted a discussion
Hi I'm newbie here.Wondering if the Mavlink mission planner software is open source and what it was written in for Windows.I have a daft idea about porting it to run on an embedded linux system. Running the linux system in the air…
May 22, 2012