I'm new to this forum - well I say new, I've read enough to send me bos-eyed before my time - but I haven't posted much at all. So I suppose I'm introducing myself ---------

I've been busy building an X8 for a while - would appreciate any comments. I had a go at a doing a video of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbV0uSyckso&feature=youtu.be - the video's not my best work but I'm nearly ready for the dreaded maiden flight - so any guidance/comments gratefully received.    

Best Regards


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  • Nice work. I have flown successfully with a raspberryPi

  • Hi Chris, any updates? Did you fling her yet?

  • I have an X8, yet to be built. Yours looks excellent. Is the PC for auto flight control?

  • looks good,I whould be careful of prop strike when you rotate on takeoff

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