X8 C of G

Can anyone tell me what the limit is for moving the C of G forward on the X8.

I have retracts - they are mounted so that they fold forward and obviously the C of G moves forward when they fold up. I'm trying to work out what the best compromise between legs down C of G and legs up is. It needs to be flyable in both states - If I have to I will add a moving correction weight to offset the difference.

I know that the C of G is at about the rear of the finger recesses - I'm asking what people have found to be the limits forward and backward for flyable C of G's

Hope I made sense.


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  • Chris, I have used the following two links to help me with CG on an unknown wing.

    It takes a few minutes to get your head wrapped around it if you are like me but works well...
    this will also help your 'range" that you are looking for...

    At first glance if you can keep the CG within 1.5 inches forward you SHOULD be ok with the size

    of this wing.



    Good luck! Let us know what you find!

  • I found i was neutrally stable about half an inch behind the rear edge of the front finger holes. because there are no blown surfaces I wouldnt recommend this, i had a lot of flat spins.

    going forward i am an inch ahead at the moment of the rear edge of the front holes. comes in fast to keep control authority. you might get away with a bit more but it may make a wheeled landing difficult as you lose some ground effect and hit the deck fast and hard.

    in summary its very sensitive...or at least mine is. be careful and do plenty of testing near long grass!

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