My X8

I had my first maiden X8 flight the other day. It flew great off the bungee launcher and in Manual Mode, straight and level. But when I witched to FBWA, it headed down at a downward angle, Had to put it in Manual MODE to recover. I had it a Bixler 2 before and it flow well.
I’m running AruPlane v2.78b inX8. Bixler2 was on V2.76. The only other difference is the APM was level in the Bixler but not in the X8. I thought buy going threw the setup it won’t matter. I have since leveled the APM in the X8 but hadn’t had time to test.
It also did the same when I put it in a Auto MODE

My question is: Does the APM have to be level in the plane?

Any input will be appreciated.
Thx, Brian

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  • Sounds like your pitch may need to be reversed in radio calibration.
  • I have an X8 that is being loaded very heavily for a competition, and it has yet to fly. We have a catapult launcher, I did not want to cut someone's hand up on a prop. Does anyone have any tips for setting up the PID's on this plane? We're carrying a point and shoot on a gimbal, fully long range wireless internet, FPV, telemetry, and 8Ah of batteries. Anything is helpful, even how much to tension a catapult. Thanks in advance!

    • I'm using a x8 for similar project .
      2x8400 mAh 3s batteries in nose for motor flight control and 2200mah in rear for 5.8ghz ubiquiti link for video and telemetry.
      CofG 1 cm in front of factory location ( line between rear of left right finger holes)
      The PIDs from apm / mission planner setup guide for skywalker are good
      My bungee launcher is a modified hobbyking one using 30m of 7mm bungee cord doubled over ie 2x15m and the ramp
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      Hi Austin 

      We make Catapults to launch many planes including loaded X8's at our website Air-Vision-Air 

      The general rules for a successful catapult launch is:-

      a) 5-10 x aircraft weight is needed for the tension. 

      b) 20% approx. UP elevator at launch. (preferably on a mixing switch)

      c) motor power ON at launch. 

      d) reliable release operation.

      e) correctly designed launch cradle to keep the propeller away from the launch ramp and structure. 

      Its the only safe way to launch these bigger planes. 


      #ASM300- 2.5-6Kg Catapult
  • Brian,

    On my second flight, I tried to fly by plane and crash my x8 mode. When I flew in manual mode everything was fine, but when I went to AUTO mode surfaces reacted inversely as needed. I never checked the meaning of the surfaces in AUTO mode as recommended.
    I hope you serve something.
    On the other hand I'm interested to know you use the bungee launcher.



  • I had similar troubles so please check to make sure your elevon mixing is correct on the ground before you put it in flight. Also when you power up your system make sure the plane is level on the ground until the red/blue lights stop blinking...then it has zeroed in and should work correctly.

    • Micheal,

      Are you saying the plane needs to be horizontally level each power up time? If so, iIll need to install a bubble level to make it easier.


    • Level on all axis as the plane would fly in flight--straight and level. When the APM powers up it will use your current location for home and also use the orientation the plane is in at start up as a normal. I use stabilize for the second flight with good results. The FBWA still acts strange but we don't use it. We are on the auto take off and auto landings now.

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