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Good morning to all those x8ers out there.  I've had my X8 for a few months now and it is unfortunately still in the box.  I still need to order the motor, prop, and possibly batteries for it.  What are thosse out there who have it flying using for there motor/prop/battery setup?  Is everyone using 4S batteries or is there anyone using 3S batteries? (I have a lot of 3S sitting around from other airframes.) 

Also, how many of you have reinforced the X8 wing?  What type of reinforcement did you use?  Carbon fiber rods?  Carbon fiber cloth?

If you have any links to any suggestions that would be great.

Thanks and happy flying

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  • I was so excited to get my Skywalker X8 from bevrc.com as a Christmas present last year (2012).  But as usual the Chinese often do not supply an assembly manual or any instructions at all for the Skywalker X8.  After searching for the assembly manual on-line, I found several incomplete manuals written in Broken-English.  That's OK, because I don't speak any Chinese, I feel far more inferior ...  Well since there was no real good manual, I decided to decipher the two manuals that I found on-line and create a new manual.  I think it is a complete manual for assembly, but it could possibly use some helpful tips.  Please let me know if you like the manual of if you see any inconsistencies in it.  You are more than welcome to email me at me@raygrauberger.com for a copy or download it at the following URL.


    The download URL is case sensitive.

  • There are actually a lot of people using 3S batteries. Check the forum. By using 3S batteries, larger propellers are recommended. Mine is 13 x 8 folding propeller.

    Read through the forum and you'll gain lots of information.

  • Hello BriFly,

    I have a newly built X8 with about an hour of flight time on it.

    So far I have had no problems with the following power plant:

    700 watt 860kv Motor:


    80Amp ESC:


    5100 mAh 4s Battery:


    This setup with a 10X7E prop draws 600 watts and is plenty more than enough to shove it around in winds of 25 mph.

    I haven't done any reinforcement to the wings other than abrasion resistant tape on the leading edges and wing tips.

    Have fun.


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