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Aaron replied to H H's discussion Arducopter altitude hold details
"I have noticed the same behavior from my quad.. I was assuming it was my home built frame (slightly heavy). I have raised throttle_p and Alt_hold_p (I think) with the same results.. Usually it will settle LOWER than the previous hold I raised it…"
Jul 11, 2012
Aaron commented on Andreas M. Antonopoulos's blog post Developing code for the APM - Webinar (TODAY)
"Awesome! I will try to make it, but you should record it!!!"
Jul 7, 2012
Aaron replied to Gareth Rens's discussion Extra Mode request for Jason Short
"Perhaps another channel would be better? I am careful not to movey throttle while in ALT_HOLD so i dont accidently drop like a stone when i disengage. I like the idea though."
Nov 13, 2011
Aaron posted a discussion
Is 260g for the frame too heavy? "Dove Tailed" in the middle, one bolt holds it together.$16.00 US in material..Comments... Please.. DSCN0905.jpgDSCN0906.jpg
Nov 4, 2011
Aaron replied to Aaron's discussion 3DR Dimensions
"Nevermind.. RTFM.. (Facepalm)"
Nov 3, 2011
Aaron posted a discussion
Anyone have / know where I can find the basic dimensions of the 3DR frame parts?Have decided to make my own frame and wanted to be as close as i can so that tuning wont be a nightmare.. :)
Nov 3, 2011
Aaron replied to Ryan McDonnell's discussion Feasibility of DIY autonomous UCAV prototype
"And I would bet Boeing and Lockheed have 100 man teams of engineers working on that already.."
Nov 3, 2011
Aaron commented on Jordi Muñoz's blog post ArduIMU V3 is finally here!
"I just want a frame kit, sheesh.. :)"
Nov 3, 2011
Aaron replied to Brianman's discussion Questions regarding Photomapping
Oct 21, 2011