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Attitude drift with bad GPS

Hello everyone.

I have some problems with arducopter (I'm using version 3.4). When I have any problems with GPS coordinates (bad signal, some buildings too close to copter, radio interference/jamming), copter attitude begins to drift badly.

At worst th

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How to disable IMU sensors on Pixhawk?


I'm trying to repair my Pixhawk board after hard crash. Board was installed without plastic cover and some parts was teared off the board, also few pcb traces was damaged.

I already repaired and resoldered everything I could, except of L3GD20 an

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Can't connect Mission planner to APM 2.0


Yesterday I decided to install my APM 2.0 board that I bought few years ago (never used) to my FPV plane. I downloaded mission planner, uploaded arduplane 2.78b firmware to APM board from MP, connection with USB cable worked without problems.


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