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Alexander Anderson commented on Doug Hunsaker's blog post Short Course on Mission-Specific Aircraft Design
"Good job guys, regardless of who your audiences are keep doing great stuff and don't pay attention to trolls. "
Oct 13, 2015
Alexander Anderson commented on earthpatrol's blog post AscTec Leading the Way
"I've seen many over priced quads and fixed wings using 3DR's controllers. Now we have RpII and Beaglebone black that can be backed with redundant sensors for data fusion and kalman filter. I believe this is what can make a pro line and not a $$$…"
Jun 16, 2015
Alexander Anderson commented on earthpatrol's blog post AscTec Leading the Way
"@Rob, do you think Arducopter Hexa can fly a similar setup with 6 motors instead of 8 ?"
Jun 15, 2015
Alexander Anderson commented on Kai Yan's blog post Controling a copter by image recognition
"What edge detection are you using with OpenCV?"
Jun 4, 2015
Alexander Anderson commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Syrian Airlift trials use of drones to deliver supplies to conflict zones
"First of all, terrorists are not going to spend time, effort, and risk expose their position to shootdown a simple aircraft they can't see. Partly because it flies at night and it is undetectable by radars. Not to mention that ISIS has many china…"
Apr 2, 2015
Alexander Anderson replied to Dan's discussion APM will not arm
"I'm adding my experience with this. after hours it turned out that my throttle had to be trimmed. go to APM's radio configuration and trim your radio to fall within the range of the calibration bars."
Mar 18, 2015
Alexander Anderson commented on RaptorBird Robotics's blog post Next Generation Smart Drone Platform, Pixhawk Compatible
"RPi is cool but I am a strong believer in BeagleBone Black and its potentials. I wish if you have adopted it. 
Anyways, best of luck guys! I have signed up! "
Dec 16, 2014