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Helicóptero 3D

Hola amigos,

Yo vuelo un quad desde hace poco tiempo, y como practico mi afición un poco aislado, tenía ganas de tomar contacto con el mundillo del aeromodelismo e informarme de los trámites necesarios para federarse, de modo que este fin de semana me

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Ascending in Alt hold mode

Hey guys,

When I activate the Alt hold mode, I´m unable to raise my quad.

In AH mode, throttle stick position is used as a baseline for altitude maintenance. This means, that altitude can still be manually changed by raising or lowering the throttle co

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CLI "No dataflash inserted"

Hallo all,

I´m with the new APM2.5, firmware V-2.7.3. When I open CLI, it displays what appears on the attached image (CLI). The "hieroglyph" appears endless until I hit enter 3 times. Also says, "No dataflash inserted".

In addition, when I try to ch

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Frequencies, PPM ...

Hi all.

I'm a newbie here and I don't want to bore you all with basic questions, but although I have been searching a lot in wiki and forum, I still have doubts about some APM 2 features.

1- Relative to PPM:

Reading the reviews after the PPM wiki entry

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