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RTL tune?

Hi i really need some help here i got my quad setup and stable with apm2 and with 2,6 FW and 1.1.93 mision planner.I have not test RTL manually but have it program to my failsave and today i had a radio lockout and plane did not make any attemp to RT

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Geofence questions?

I have a question about geofencing to set up?

I have set fence-action to 1

and set the fence -chanel to 5 with is a spare chanel .

but as soon as i triger geofence on my radio i have no authority over my servos no control.

when i switch off control is ba

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Waypoints and Failsave?

Hi would like to know does the APM2 know when it does not receive radio input if you have not set the Failsave on radio.

What i would like to know say you have set waypoints but radio lost signal will apm2 fly to preprogram waypoints even if it does n

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