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Andrea Figiani posted a discussion
Hi i have just ended my first flight with a ar wing 900 (delta wing) and  with a pixracer installed on.the wing flyes well in stabilize and fbwa , rtl run perfectly, during setup i had problems with internal mags(disabled) but the external  (3dr) is…
Sep 16, 2017
Andrea Figiani commented on Hugues's blog post How-to guide: Pixhawk auto camera trigger (without CHDK)
"Mine experience : I tried to use this object from HK /5v-remotely-adjustable-light-controller-for-led.html&nbsp;<... and it work perfectly  . and is very cheap just  5.89€

Aug 17, 2017
Andrea Figiani replied to Andrea Figiani's discussion Plane is far from following the path mission
"I changed navl1 period to the value of 10 (from 15 that i belived was already low) and now the plane follow much better the  programmed path, still some small errors in turns , but much better... i was afraid about lowering that number ... this one…"
Oct 19, 2015
Andrea Figiani posted a discussion
Hi  allI have an homebuild vintage plane (all wood and fabric) were i added two aileron to improve flight performance.it's 2,4mt wigspan  and it flight very fine  in all modes : manual stabilize, fmwa, rtl... BUT. in auto modeit doesn't follow very…
Oct 16, 2015
Andrea Figiani replied to Andrea F's discussion Tuning in auto mode in ArduCopter Italian Group
"A prescindere dall'uso "fotografico" e con l'obbiettivo di ridurre al minimo il tempo della missione non vorrei aggiungere rallentamenti, ma !a traiettoria che ritengo errata (vedi file allegato) è migliorabile o è normale così?
Aug 4, 2015