San Diego, CA

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An amateur in the world of Arduino, servos, and RC, just trying not to take some ortho-photos without breaking expensive hardware.


Southern California

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Andrew K replied to Andrew K's discussion Pixhawk Servo Based GoPro Trigger
"Without knowing the specifics of your case, you have to do Mavlink scripting in Python, run everything through a breakout board (which voids your warranty) and try to go that route.  None of that stuff I am very familiar with, good luck!"
Apr 6, 2016
Andrew K posted a discussion
Hey all, I have been reading up on Solo's accessory bay, and Swift Nav's Piksi.  From what I read here, it sounds like the accessory bay JAE SJ038252 connector can interface over CAN (UAVCAN) and USB.…
Nov 30, 2015
Andrew K posted a discussion
Hey all,I am trying to embark on a rather large undertaking (given my absence of experience with Electrical and Mechanical Engineering) to rig a Pixhawk PWM/Servo port to trigger a GoPro.  I have found CAMremote-2 that can take "RC input" and…
Mar 19, 2015