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Third party Y6 legs (or DIY legs)

I have recently broken 2 legs on my 2013 Y6 (a fixed wing reaction to a rotary wing glitch!). I see from the 3DR site I have to buy a multi part kit of things I don't want to get the legs. Has anyone made up their own? Looks like circuit board withou

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Motor glitching

I have a motor glitching on my Y6 (APM 2.6 with Spektrum 7). Like all glitches I've come across it's erratic but is often preceded by a ticking noise at about 2 per second. The left front arm then drops about 10cm and very quickly recovers (so far!).

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Configuring telemetry radios

Having problems configuring telemetry radios: only bluetooth ports show on the connection dialog on my iMac and I cannot change the Com port on my PC from COM999,  which is the apparent default, to COM1 (or any other number for that matter). Ideas pl

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