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Iris+ Flyaway due to Gyro Offset Drift?

Hello Everyone-

I've had two flyaways so far because of what appears to be random gyro offset drift. During the first flyaway the drone almost crashed into a house before I was able to crash land it and in the second flyaway it crash landed on the pav

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Iris: Highly Erratic Behaviour Midflight

Hello - 

I took my Iris out today for a survey and had a very scary experience. I've had the Iris for almost half a year now and have flown many missions and have logged many hours of manual flying, so I'm a fairly competent flier. I normally fly miss

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Integrating a Sonar with Iris

Hello, I'm considering adding a Sonar to my Iris to measure low altitudes more accurately. The barometer used on the Iris appears to be MS5611 that has a resolution of 10cm according to the data sheet. Adding a sonar (for example MB1240) should give

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DO_CHANGE_SPEED Doesn't Appear to Work

Hello, I'm attempting to use DO_CHANGE_SPEED to change the speed my Iris travels from one waypoint to the other. I've tried changing the values in both first and second columns, but they are not having any impact on the horizontal speed. Attached bel

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Using a GoPro for Aerial Photography

Hello, like many people here I'm interested in making planar panoramas and potentially some 3D surface reconstruction from aerial images. My hardware:

Quadcopter: 3DR Iris

Camera Gimbal: Tarot 2D for GoPro

Camera: GoPro Hero 4 Silver

The first thing I re

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Hello, I'm trying to understand how Ardupilot  implements PID control. I'm able to follow the code and see that the errors from the set point are converted into rate targets which are sent to a PID controller. However puzzled by the following code:


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