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Arif chit bah posted a discussion
Hi can anyone tell me exactly what are the advantages of a single motor variable pitch quad rotor compared to a normal quad rotor? I cant seem to find the answer online. 
Jan 12, 2015
Arif chit bah commented on Dan Wilkerson's blog post Curtis Youngblood Single Motor Internal Combustion Collective-Pitch Quadcopter
"Hi i was thinking of modifying my current stingray to nitro engine. May i know how did you modify the TG Multi to control the motor's valve? "
Oct 22, 2014
Arif chit bah commented on Chris Anderson's blog post How can we make IR beacons with unique IDs for Blimpduino?
"Hi all, our group is also working on the multiple beacon and we are trying out Xbee module as a transceiver and receiver using the RSSI (Read Signal Strength Indicator) to determine the distance of the blimp and the ground beacon.

1. Ground Beacon…"
Oct 25, 2010