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Gimbal motors for driving propellers

Hello all, 

I'm looking for brushless motors with a hollow shaft to drive a propeller. The only motors I can come up with such hollow shafts are gimbal motors.

My question to you, is there anything against it to use gimbal motors to drive propellers? I

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slow roll left, fast roll right

Hello all,

I recently finished my x8 (with pixhawk) and I'm currently doing some ground testing. It seems that the x8 rolls fast when I try to roll right, but it it slowish when I give the same input to roll left.

My radio calibration seems ok.

What cou

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Antenna inside fuselage

Hi all,

Is there any reason that an antenna inside a fuselage of a Multiplex Easystar would function less than outside of the fuselage? In other words, does the Elapor material shield for RF radiation? No problem to my opinion; what do you think?


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