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Arthur replied to Arthur's discussion H-quad
"Thank you very much)"
Aug 24, 2016
Arthur posted a discussion
Greetings to all of you!Today is a nice day for a discussion. And would like to dhare with you by an interesting article about one quadcopter. It may be useful for every modeller.http://www.rcfair.com/blogs/view_entry/12638/
Aug 15, 2016
Arthur replied to Tony Tech's discussion Which is the Best Design for Fpv Racing Drone?
"Hello, Tony)
Maybe this link will help you.
This quad looks very nice
Aug 1, 2016
Arthur replied to Dave Crowder's discussion Motors noisy after crash
"Greetings to you, Dave.
I think you have to repare the motor, because the using it more will kill the engine. It will spend much more amps than it needs"
Feb 28, 2016
Arthur replied to Mattia's discussion Advice for motors
"Hello to you)
If you need some advice how to build the drone, you can look to this theme.
And I have to say that the building really good drone is not cheap, but very good thing"
Feb 28, 2016
Arthur replied to Aussie in AZ's discussion 3DR telemetry no longer supported by 3DR....options?
"Hello. I have seen here intetesting conversation about quadros.
Maybe you will find good this one
Feb 14, 2016
Arthur replied to Randy's discussion Copter-3.3 beta testing
"Hello. Well, if you speak about crashs of drones, so maybe this information will be helpful for you
Feb 14, 2016
Arthur replied to htr's discussion Need help to find better ESC for my Quadcopter
"I also suggest you to visit this page. Maybe you will find some interesting goods
Feb 14, 2016
Arthur replied to htr's discussion Need help to find better ESC for my Quadcopter
"Hello. I suggest you to read this blog about the selection of parts for quadros
I think it will be very helpfull for you
Feb 14, 2016