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Axel Le Clézio commented on Jason Short's blog post Getting ready for Arducopter 3.0
"I don't understand why my multiwiis sucesses without ANY anti-vibration systems on frame, but my APM2.0 still sucks with foam and all things mentionned above... Same MPU, so is the code making us using these (stupid) setup with foam we dont know…"
Jun 19, 2013
Axel Le Clézio commented on Ted Van Slyck's blog post Vibration Reduction
"I just gave up on APM2 because of 2.9.x problems.

With same frame on MWC (multiwii), no need to use accelerometer to have a stable flight.

With APM2 i tried everything, seems this card doesn't want to flight :/"
Mar 8, 2013
Axel Le Clézio commented on weelian soh's blog post Hexacopter APM2 Loiter mode Battery Endurance Test
"Hi, got the same motors,

Just to compare, what are your PID (accro) settings to fit the NTM 750kv  with 11x4,7 ?
Are you using 3S or 4S lipos ?
I always got  too much P or too less, can't figure a good compromise :/"
Feb 28, 2013
Axel Le Clézio replied to Victor Iliescu's discussion After a few months of flying, i've come to the conclusion that i have no idea how to tune this thing
"Hi, i just have same issues as many 2830a users, coincidence ???

Why pid tuning is so complicated with these motors, whereas others seems fine with default pids?  :s"
Jan 31, 2013